TOP 10 things to do in Alanya

You don’t have to worry about the lack of things to do in Alanya , the unofficial capital city of the Turkish Riviera. There are plenty of options for nature and history lovers, for those who like to explore different food cultures, also sunbathing and swimming in the crystal clear water is one of the main reasons why people from around the world love going on vacation to the Turkish Riviera.

Look at the TOP of Alanya´s list and see what this beautiful area offers:

1. Beaches

The primary reasons people go to the Turkish Riviera are its beautiful beaches and the amazing Mediterranean Sea. Number one of the most favorite beaches in Alanya belongs to Kleopatra Beach. This iconic symbol of Alanya offers many facilities like many restaurants with delicious food, popular bars, shops, and other cute places to hang out.

If you're looking for more privacy, rent a car and go to one of the beautiful beaches outside the city.

2. Food

The vast variety of Turkish cuisine is a familiar fact. Some of you might appreciate local cheap street food, which can be found literally everywhere in the city. If you fancy going to a traditional Turkish restaurant, or maybe an Italian, Greek, Asian, vegan restaurant, all of your wishes come true.

3. Sightseeing

Every corner in the city has its own history. An absolute must-see is the Alanya Castle. This enchanting fortress, listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List , was built in the 13th century and its fortifications are even way older than that.

Alanya's surroundings are made of many ancient cities, for example, the beautiful city of Perge, famous Aspendos Theatre, or Myra, the birthplace of Saint Nicholas. We highly recommend you book a tour with a guide to learn as much as possible about ancient history in Turkey.

4. Excursions to nature

Turkey is not all about the beaches. Drive into the mountains and see untouched raw nature right before your eyes. Think about visiting the Sapadere Canyon and jump into the river right below the Alanya´s best waterfall or one of the world's highest valleys in Tazi.

5. Nightlife

After the day of relaxing on the beach or discovering the Turkish Riviera´s beauties, you can put on some fancy clothes and go for a drink. The Bar District is full of restaurants with many types of cuisine, open-air discos, and bars. Robin Hood is one of the most visited disco bars in Alanya. In this 4-floor club where every floor has a different genre it is simple to find a piece of music you like to dance to.

6. Dolphin Show

Your kids are gonna love this! Entertaining dolphins, seals, and sea lions will make a smile on your face. After the show, you are even allowed to swim with the dolphins!

7. Hammam

You cannot leave Turkey without trying the traditional Turkish Bath. This ultimate relaxation will embrace your senses and clean your complete body. This professional massage and body scrub in the hot steam is a lifetime experience.

8. Boat Tour

Have time to see the coastline from a unique perspective. Enjoy a relaxing boat or yacht tour while having drinks and lunch on the board. Swimming breaks on the open sea are a matter of course.

9. Scuba Diving

The Mediterranean Sea and amazingly colorful flora and fauna will enchant you. Get a licensed instructor and make your dream come true. If you are afraid of diving under sea level, try snorkeling instead.

10. Shopping

Last but not least – Bazaar. Totally Turkish must-see. There are many, many market places in the city of Alanya, some of them are food markets but as a tourist, you will probably be more interested in those full of jewelry, boutiques, shoes, and souvenirs.

Check opening hours before going.

Alanya is a place you cannot get bored. There are plenty of things to do literally for everyone. What is the first thing you are gonna do in the Turkish Riviera?